you have a cool name!

- Asked by bythewayfrost

Thank you! :) It causes me more trouble than I’d like though. Haha 


Today was a day in which simple things were enjoyed… and only the simple things. Family, friends, great food, and fresh air. Somewhere down the road I mislead myself to believe that the more complex my life was the better… Today proved as a great reminder…

… that the exact opposite is true.

ICN, Green Line & Hongdae ]



(left: ICN airport, right: subway line 1)

So the first day was overwhelming as you might have guessed. I took off from DFW at noon and landed at ICN 14 hours later. The flight itself was nice but I could never escape boredom for long. I played tetris every 2 hours with a movie break in…

Ate at Pastagraphy today and it was amazing! I split the Creamy Carbonara and the Quatro cheese pizza with a friend and we were in food bliss. Thanks for the suggestion :)

- Asked by kimberlin

YES! Haha my friends and I always ate the Quatro cheese pizza. Glad you had a good experience :) 

Hey so I'm studying abroad at yonsei this coming semester and I know absolutely no Korean. How rough is it going to be to explore without a basic knowledge of the language? (The professor leading our study group knows Korean though)

- Asked by Anonymous

Not knowing anything or how to go about it is what it’s all about. Just keep an open mind, have fun, & embrace the challenges. Make friends with people who know the area & language better than you do. You’ll catch on!

You’ll be just fine.

i was into kor hip hop before coming across your blog but it really just solidified my interest and it continued to grow from there. your posts about seoul and other spots and people in korea are such fun reads because i really love korean culture despite not being korean, so keep up the great work! i hope you have great success someday in the near future :)

- Asked by Anonymous

Hey awesome person,

This is the best message I’ve gotten so far. Korean Hip Hop / Seoul is still figuring itself out and that’s why I love it. I’m super happy that I can be of assistance for others who like it as well! I think everyone is a global citizen in today’s world whether they know it or not. It’s cool that Korean culture can be an access point for that reality.

Thanks for the message (:

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